Jay’s Malaysia Day Poolside Party

Taking advantage of a hot Monday afternoon yesterday I decided to let Jay play in his new swimming pool that we got for him months ago. So armed with a bicycle pump I so courageously unpacked the pool from its box only to realise that somehow the bicycle pump ain’t gonna cut it. Anyway still with high ambitions I started the uphill task of inflating Jay’s pool with Jay occasionally lending a helping hand.

After close to half hour of huffing and puffing I realised this was absolutely futile effort so I packed the pool into my car and made a dash for the closest bicycle shop. What do you know, within minutes the Abang at the shop inflated Jay’s pool without any charge. With a sincere terimakasih I made a hasty retreat back home eager to dump Jay into the pool. However Jay had his own plans. He refused to get into the pool and was content at splashing his fingers and emptying the filled pool with his bucket.

Anyways his enjoyment is what counts and as long as he had a good time albeit from the sidelines that is all that matters to me. 


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