A Father & Son Afternoon

It is not flesh and blood but the heart that makes them father and son FRIEDRICH SCHILLER Advertisements

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Happy New Year From KSJ Images

There is no better way to end the year than to spend it photographing children, their innocent moods and moments. Happy New Year to all our followers from KSJ Images Photography Studio.

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Latest Addition Props & Backdrop

It’s always nice to see our studio growing as in terms of props and most recently we went on a year-end spree and manage to clinch many deals in terms of costumes and items. In our showcase series we shall start with the biggest acquirement being our new mirage backdrop. Ready and installed it looked […]

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Here & There

Sometimes when we travel we come across some sights that make us awe God’s creation. Advertisements

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Photo Pick Of The Day

Whilst we were on location shooting at Desaru one morning, we came across a man who had brought his pet to the sea-side for a run and bath. It so happened that his car parked right along side our car and we managed to get a clear shot of the little fellow sitting so ever pristinely in […]

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Infant Photography @ KSJ Images

There is nothing we enjoy more than photographing children. Their innocence is so engrossing that we tend to forget our own problems. Advertisements

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The Yesteryear DSLR

We happen to have a chat with a relative a few months back discussing cameras and suddenly he showed us his old camera and flash set that he had kept all this while. It was one of those old models that used film and it set us thinking how cameras have evolved. We took a […]

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