Back To The Past

Once in a while when things get too crazy in my real world, I’d close my eyes and picture myself  back in an era where things were simple.

I’d travel back to a time when money was scarce but life was still wonderful. There was a routine even back then with school and college but breaking out of the routine every once in a while was easy just by bunking classes to sneak off to watch a movie or simply just packing up, boarding a train and heading back to the ever wiling arms of grandparents, aunts and uncles to spend glorious holidays.

Recently I went on a road-trip to recapture my childhood. This road-trip brought be back to my mum’s home-town Seremban. This was the place we would spend and enjoy our glorious school holidays. There is nothing left there for us now as my grandparents have passed on, uncles and aunts married and settled out but just walking down those very lanes brings me back to mu childhood era and that in itself is a wonderful feeling.


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